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We are so confident you will love our courses that we are giving you an up to 14-day money-back guarantee so you can sign up with total peace of mind.

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Swoosh Success Stories...

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Meet Your Teachers

Elsemarie Jensen


I have taught Academic English for exams, delivered IELTS workshops and been an examiner.

Alexander Lindsey

BSc, CELTA, DELTA , OET Provider

I have been teaching English online for the last 11 years and I focus on teaching OET, IELTS, PTE and Business English.

Fraser Braidwood


I am an experienced educator with over 7 years teaching and management experience in the ESL industry.

Andrea Baxter

CELTA, OET Provider

I have been teaching English for over 35 years. I worked in Greece for 30 years and taught English to Greek students.

Louise Oliver


I’ve been teaching since 2007 and I’ve taught in Romania, Russia, Japan, Italy and

Saudi Arabia.

Russell Field


I have taught general, business and technical English to all ages and have worked in several European countries and Japan.

Tasnim Ghumra


OET Provider

I have been teaching English for over 6 years. I work with students, helping them improve their English and prepare for their IELTS, OET and Cambridge exams.

Bryan Beaton

BSc , PGCE, MA Linguistics,


I have taught for about 45 years, in primary, secondary, university and corporate classrooms - in Canada, Nigeria, mainland China, Hong Kong, and India.

Mark Smith

BSc, Adult Nursing, TEFL,

OET Provider

I was a Nurse for 16 years in the NHS. I have been teaching English since moving to Portugal in 2019. I teach OET, IELTS and PTE.

Meet The Rest of the Team



Hi, I’m Alex, the Founder of Swoosh. Swoosh English was born out of a passion to help transform people’s lives through passing their English exams – whether that’s for work, study or to move to the country of their dreams.


Managing Director

Hi, I’m Scott. I work with our whole team to bring you the best courses and materials to provide you with a first-class experience at Swoosh. I’m passionate about helping you pass your English language exams.


Customer Success & Community Director

Hello everyone!
My job is to make sure
all the hard work from our academic directors and teachers is positively
passed on to you.


Product & Academic Director

Hello everyone! I lead the development of our courses and deliver academic support to all our students. My role involves shaping our course content to meet the needs of our learners to ensure a positive learning experience.


Marketing, Sales & Growth

Hi, I'm Una and I'm from Ireland.

I'm passionate about
helping you achieve your dreams and live to your fullest potential. I share the word about how we help students pass with our online courses so we can help even more of you change your lives and make the world a better place.


Sales Executive

Hi, I'm Cyreal from the Philippines. I'm here to answer any questions you have about our courses and how we can help your pass your exam with confidence. I love chatting with you all and seeing how we can help your challenges. Pop over to our chatbox now and say hello. Talk to you soon!


Academic and Customer Service Executive

Hello! I'm Mara. I am dedicated to equipping our students with valuable information, promptly addressing their concerns, and supporting them throughout their academic endeavours. We strive to exceed expectations in helping students achieve

their goals.


Academic and Customer Service Executive

Hi, I'm Icy. I am committed to providing our students with helpful information, answering their queries, and ensuring that they feel supported in their study journey. We go above and beyond to help our students get their goals realized.


Marketing Executive

Hi! I'm Gabby.
I create social media content that engage with future and actual students who want to accomplish their professional goals. Hopefully our content will educate and entertain you, make sure you follow us!


Email Marketing Executive

Hi, I'm Daniel. I aim to provide you with valuable resources and updates through our emails to help you achieve your English language learning goals. I'm committed to delivering the best experience to our subscribers.

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